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by 2021, GrouPower plans to have 1,000MW of installed renewable energy capacity in Africa. This capacity will be as a result of a mixture of solar, wind and mini hydro plants

1,500 Communities

GrouPower will reach 1,500 communities in Africa by 2021, providing much needed power which will play a significant role in positively enhancing the standard of living of our customers.


GrouPower will utilize technology to ensure the minimum cost per watt of enegy. Projections indicate that this shall fall below the $1 mark in 2016, making this a highly strategic opportunity

Cleaner Planet

Using renewable energy technology, GrouPower will play a role in ensuring a cleaner earth for the future of generations to come. We anticipate a significant reduction in pollution.


Clean energy is a major issue these days as pollution challenges continue to threaten our planets health. There is a concerted effort by international players to preserve our Earth through the adoption of clean energy solutions. GrouPower makes this goal possible through the use of sustainable and renewable energy options. Every target beneficiary community is carefully studied to ensure that the solution being proferred is a perfect match to their available resources and needs. Hybrid systems are recommended whenever feasible and cost effectiveness remains critical in the decision process. The result is cleaner energy at better rates than  ever before.

Solar Energy

Power from the Sun

With impressive technological breakthrough in the area of solar power, cost per watt of power has drastically reduced. GrouPower working with its partners provides high quality community solar farms to generate sufficient energy to power target communities.

Wind Turbines

Making the Wind Work for us

Sites that were previously considered as being incapable of generating sufficient wind energy can now be successfully harnessed due to new tehnology which makes this possible. This permits GrouPower to help more communities enjoy wind energy and opens more communities up to wind turbines.

Mini Hydro Plants
Water Harnessed for Power

Many communities especially in the riverine areas are blessed with rivers, streams and other flowing water bodies. By developing mini hydro power plants, the energy needs of such communities can be easily met. GrouPower does this through the strategic partnership it has with engineering groups.

Hybrid Plants

Combining multiple options

In some cases, a hybrid solution will be best suited. This could include a mixture of any one of the standard renewable energy plants with another or could involve the inclusion of both off-grid and on-grid options. Hybrid plants ensure that the best solutions are utilized.