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Africa is currently lit by lamps

Nigerian power statistics:

90% deficiency in power supply

50% of Nigerians live in off-grid areas with 0% power access

45% of Nigerians connected to the National grid

Only 25% of Nigerian homes have access to regular power

Less than 0.3% of Nigerian homes enjoy solar power

Steps in our Process

GrouPower follows very simple steps to achieve community renewable energy

Community Partnerships

Creating Structured Demand

Our first step is to bring the community together under a recognizable administrative system such as a cooperative, association or other formats. This allows us to negotiate and plan for the community as a whole.

Renewable Energy Plant

Using Available Resources

Working with our partners, we decide on the most suitable renewable energy source, be it solar, wind, hydro or a hybrid and build this out in the beneficiary community. This is done using advanced technology available to ensure effectiveness.

Connect Communities

Making Power Available

With the renewable energy plant ready, the beneficiary community is connected to a sustainable and reliable power source which is designed to meet their needs in consumption and prospective development needs

Competitive Rates

Ensuring Viability and Growth

In order to cover development costs, the cluster is charged competitive tariffs or repayment rates which are collected via modern channels which exclude any form of bypassing or defaults.